Win10 1903 – Intel RST Fehler / Problem

Mein Problem war, dass das Update trotz aktuellem Intel RST Tool + Treiber nicht starten wollte, hier die Lösung:

Hi I have found fix working for me. The reason windows wont update is becowse it sees old version of the drive, you must go to drivers directory C:\Windows\System32\drivers find old version iastora.sys(thereis old date mine was 2016) and rename it to iastora_old.sys. After that restart the 1903 upgrade with the „fix“ button.

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According to device manager, with RST installed it lists iaStorAC.sys and iaStorAfs.sys as driver files. So is this a case of the RST upgrade not cleaning up an old iaStorA.sys that isn’t needed any more? (and that for some reason the 1903 upgrade is using the version of this to detect RST version). I also renamed iastora.sys to iastora_old.sys and restarted the 1903 upgrade with the „fix“ button (the „refresh“ button doesn’t work). Now (slowly) installing…


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